Pull up to the table, the celebration.

To people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and people of any race, documentation status, age, housing status, or belief, we say: We are not only welcome here, we need each of us. The party isn’t complete until we are all here. We affirm, celebrate, and hold the embodiment of radical inclusivity as a central part of who we are to truly feast, in the spirit of Jesus.

Practices we hold ourselves accountable to:

Leadership: LGBTQIA+ people, people of color, and womxn are honored and developed as leaders.


Hospitality: When we say “all are welcome,” we aim to mean it. The table is wide, and nourishment is plenty.


Healing: We recognize the harms done to LGBTQIA+ people and many others by “church,” and we listen and tend to those stories of harm among us.


Queer Spirituality: We seek to queer what it means to be “the church”; we meet in non-traditional spaces; peoples’ stories and bodies are affirmed as sacred and invited fully; all relationship stages and choices are celebrated, and we celebrate the particular divine expression we each bring. We reach to the creative, liberatory edges, trusting we will know the Divine among us more fully in this way.


Liberation Theology: The Bible and other sacred texts are read through a lens of liberation: Jesus came to heal and free the sick, the oppressed, the poor, the marginalized, within an oppressive Empire and church state. We are here to follow in his footsteps of liberation, which is healing salvation.


Community Healing: We practice antiracism and intersectionality work. We counter dominant and harmful narratives and work to create new ones. Selves divided are to be made whole, and celebrated in their wholeness. We honor and celebrate the truths of our bodies and are proudly body and sex positive. We honor the land and the stories and peoples who have tended and lived on it before now, who have authority here.


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“We are building a world that is for everybody and every body” -Sonya Renee Taylor