(verb) listen. tell. belong. act.

Storydwelling is a local community of belonging, ritual and resistance rooted in Lutheran and Methodist tradition. All sexual orientations, gender identities, backgrounds, ethnicities and faith perspectives are honored and affirmed.

We seek connection to our neighbors, our world and the
Holy alive within each of us.

We gather to create spaces of collective joy, wonder and grief and gratitude.

And we trust that belonging to one another and to the Sacred will transform us,
and the community in which we live,
for the sake of wholeness, justice and peace.

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Our Roots

We are rooted in the justice-seeking, community-bound ethic of Jesus,
and we are guided by the wisdom of our experiences with scripture and ritual,


we trust that creativity, healing and a hunger for peace transcend the boxes of any religion.

The Sacred is in, around and especially among us.
God is relationship, and so relationship is our most core value.

What grows from there is up to the Spirit.
So here’s the invitation:

let’s create together
let’s stretch, grow and learn together
let’s seek a belonging that won’t let us stay the same.

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