About us

We are a web of relationship, rooted in liberation theologies and bound by the Jesus-inspired commitments to community and creation care, gracious reflection and public action.

Storydwelling is a community of faith and fierce love in Bend, Oregon.


We gather on the stolen lands of the Wasco, Paiute and Warm Springs people, and we commit to repentance, repair and love as ongoing practices.

We seek to be a community where…

  • All are welcomed, known and affirmed
  • Gatherings are relational and creative
  • Sacred texts + traditions are broken open
  • Children are honored
  • Theologies are liberated
  • Action and reflection go hand in hand
  • Shared meals, art and community organizing are sacramental
  • Partnership is our life blood

We don’t expect everyone to believe the same things.

Shared convictions guide us:

  • The Divine is reflected in each of us and in the land.
  • Jesus’ teachings help us pattern our lives.
  • Right relationship–here and now–is heaven on Earth.
  • Grace is a reality and a practice.
  • The Bible orients us toward liberation.
  • Diversity, paradox, and mystery are oxygen to a thriving spiritual life.

We are rooted in two mainline progressive Christian denominations–the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Methodist Church. We are called to relate to and reform those traditions for the sake of love and justice in the world.