In late 2019, a group of Storydwelling families got together and said: we don’t want to do this parenting thing alone.

From there, ReVillage was born.

ReVillage is a play-based, community-centered childcare cooperative catalyzed in partnership with First Presbyterian Church. We imagine building a nurturing, relationship-centered childcare and co-working cooperative that utilizes the care and skills of parents and community volunteers to create affordable childcare and access to low-cost co-working/professional space.

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Update: In light of COVID19 and with our families’ safety in mind, the cooperative program is on pause. ReVillage is actively seeking ways to continue to accompany local families, and we have shifted our focus to community organizing in support of existing and new childcare structures in Bend and statewide, as well as offering programs to support parents caring for their children at home.