Music Director
.20 PTE
$10,400 per year
Anticipated start date: April 5, 2021

The Position

The Music Director is the curator and innovator of all things music for the Storydwelling community. Storydwelling is an ecumenical and affirming community of faith committed to love, liberation and relationship and practicing belonging, resistance and ritual. While we are rooted in the progressive theology of the Lutheran and Methodist traditions, we long to explore the beautiful and creative edges of what is possible as we curate new theological vocabulary and spiritual imagination. Out of listening and intentional relationship, we are committed to walking alongside our neighbors for the sake of justice and peace. We particularly, in this season, have commitments to inclusive, accessible child care and immigrant & racial justice movements.


The primary responsibility of the Music Director is lead our community in song, drawing on a variety of musical styles as well as arranging and crafting new music for the community in order to curate a tone and spiritual vocabulary that aligns with our values and commitments. The Music Director will do the creative work of putting our commitments to music. These need not be master compositions; simple tunes and chants are our speed!

The Music Director is, at times, a performer, making our gatherings and rituals more beautiful and offering music that speaks to the moment. At other times, the Music Director is a conductor, inviting all voices into the music-making. And still at others, the Musical Director is a community organizer, learning people’s stories and inviting their gifts into the commons. The Musical Director can also, at times, be invited to offer music in more public and political ways, such as accompanying Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice on behalf of the Storydwelling community, or performing for a public vigil. Of course, these opportunities can be taken up and set down according to capacity, time constraints, and passion on behalf of the musician.

Of course, the Music Director is welcome to be a part of our community in whatever ways feel right, but participation in all gatherings is not required. We are a community rooted in Christian tradition, seeking to subvert and liberate that tradition, but we love and honor all perspectives; in fact, the more perspectives the better! Our gatherings and leadership are comprised of a beautiful variety of spiritual perspectives, including those reclaiming Christianity; those who are exploring more expansive meaning-making; and those who might identify with other beliefs. A particular faith or religious background is not a requirement for belonging or for this position; a longing to create spaces of beauty and accompany people in their meaning-making–is.


  • Musical skill insomuch as one can craft new music for a community as well as lead music for a community (sing-alongs; participatory lyric “zipper” songs; call & response; harmony arrangements for volunteer singers; lead instrumental music to accompany ritual moments. For more, ask about our current MD’s song resources!)
  • Willingness to cultivate the musical gifts of others in the community
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • A sense of humor
  • A spirit of collaboration and reverence
  • A bold yet humble political lens for liberation and rewriting “scripts”
  • Openness to exploring theological and spiritual language and practices insomuch as they connect with the community’s musical expressions
  • Availability on most weekends and some holidays
  • Particular instrumental expertise is preferred but not required
  • Familiarity with sound equipment and online tools like Zoom is preferred but not required

Storydwelling expects all of its staff and community to commit to our core values of inclusivity & affirmation; relationship-deepening; curiosity; and a commitment to just action.


This is a part-time position, and the anticipated weekly working hours may vary greatly, from 5-12 hours per week, depending on the season. The Storydwelling community gathers weekly on Sunday mornings as well as on holidays such as Christmas Eve and Easter. We recognize the schedule can be odd, so we highly value open communication, clarity, and grace.

We are able to offer a small benefits package that includes a monthly health allowance, paid sick and vacation leave, and a program budget for continuing education, materials, etc.

Our hope is that our new Music Director will be willing to meet and train with our current one in a spirit of collaboration, mutual learning and a smooth transition.

To Apply

If this sparks something in you, please contact Rev. Erika Spaet,, with a cover letter about your interest and a sample recording of your style. If you prefer a conversation to a written letter, please note this in an email. Position is open until filled.

We know our community is richer when people of diverse backgrounds, identities and perspectives are in leadership. LGBTQIA+ people, BILAPOC, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.