We are excited and grateful to announce our new “home” for the winter: Juniper Mountain Counseling. Located at 61690 Pettigrew Rd. in Bend, this space is newly renovated and will be our living room for the colder months, through April.

What can you expect at Juniper Mountain?

Parking: There is a large parking lot to accommodate all of us.

Accessibility: The entrance to the building, main gathering area, and bathrooms are all wheelchair accessible.

Seating: Seating is living-room style, with some extra folding chairs mixed in. It may take us a few weeks to figure out seating arrangements, but you can trust there is ample room for you.

Kids: There is a special conference room that we will use as a play space for kiddos, though they are welcome (as always) to flow in and out of our main gathering area on Sunday mornings. There will be art, stories and games with our kiddos each week, led by our new children and families organizer. There will also be a quilt and soft toys in the main area for the littlest ones.

Coffee + snacks: We will brew our own coffee each week, along with the usual fixings. We’ll always have granola bars and healthy snacks available, but anyone is welcome to bring a special treat (no peanuts please) any time!